It only makes sense that a car with so many customizable options gives you equally flexible ways to pay. MINI Financial Services helps you find the lease option, payment plan or additional coverage program that works best so you can start motoring.

Check out the great video to the right by MINI USA regarding the ways we help you finance a great new Countryman or Clubman today!


Sometimes it's hard to make the decision to lease a MINI Cooper or buy the ride of a lifetime. To help you make the decision easier, here are a few basic thoughts to help you make up your mind.



Simple, but helpful. Our trio of payment plans gives you options to save time, hassle and paper. If you already own a MINI, head to the Owners? Lounge to set up your preferred method of payment for your MINI Financial Services account.

MINI Cooper Easypay
Set-up automatic, recurring monthly payments, so you can concentrate on motoring instead of writing checks and finding stamps. 

MINI Cooper Ultimatepay
If you know you'll be traveling, use UltimatePay to schedule a one-time payment to be made on a specific date. 

MINI Cooper Paperless Financing
This tree-friendly option delivers an email letting you know when your Account Statement is posted online.

When you lease, you pay for only the MINI you use during the lease. With a lower overall financial commitment and some of the industry's most competitive leasing programs, MINI Financial Services helps you save the money for the good stuff. You'll be able to drive the MINI you crave, stacked with all the options and accessories you want.

The Motoring Lease
Want to drive your MINI 5,000 miles? 50,000? 500,000? The Motoring Lease might be the ideal option for you. With the Motoring Lease, you tell us how many miles you'd like to lease your MINI for, and we'll come up with a plan that fits your specific needs. Plus, since leasing doesn't require the same cash commitment as other options, you could use the money and miles you have on hand to break in your new MINI on a cross-country jaunt.

The Traditional Lease
One of the best things about this lease is the flexibility it provides. If, at the end of your lease, you're bored of your first MINI's color or just feel like it's time to start seeing other MINIs - no problem. You can even structure your lease according to your individual needs. If you have a limited down payment or no trade-in, leasing allows you to motor with reasonable monthly payments.

In a MINI, it's easy to lose track of the miles. That's why our Mileage Adjustment Program helps you avoid lease-end excess-mileage charges without obsessing over the odometer. Contact your MINI dealer to learn more.
  • You can buy up to 100,000 miles, including the amount of miles at lease inception.  
  • Additional miles can be purchased at any point up until the vehicle is returned.  
  • Vehicles returned with over 100,000 are billed at the standard lease end rate.  
More about the mileage adjustment program:


Want to own your MINI but make low monthly payments, like you would on a lease? The unique and flexible MINI Select balloon financing program 1 may be for you. Similar to a lease, you make low monthly payments for a time period that you establish up front. At the end of that term, a balloon payment is due and you'll have three choices:
  1. Enjoy a new MINI.
  2. Keep your current MINI - pay your balloon balance.
  3. Keep your current MINI - refinance your balloon balance.

Note: MINI Select balloon financing is available for new MINIs only, and is NOT available in IL, MD, NC, NH, NV, PA and TX. MINI Select balloon financing is subject to the following limitations: amount financed must exceed $10,000 in HI and NJ; contracts entered into in ME must be for 48 or more payments; contracts entered into in WV must have an amount financed greater than $45,000.


Use our payment estimator to dial-in your potential monthly payments, based on financing options, down payment and the total cost of your dream MINI.

Example #1 for South Carolina: 

Lease a 2017 MINI Cooper Hardtop in Greenville 
$119.78 a month (for 36 months)
Amount financed: $15,225
Estimated price: $21,800 USD
Estimated trade-in Value of $5000 USD
Dealer accessories: $0
Financing option: Lease
Down Payment: $2500
Term: 36 Months
Annual Mileage: 15,000 miles

For other specific scenarios using other models or areas, please visit the MINI Cooper Financing Estimator. 
Example #2 for South Carolina:

MINI Select Program   
2017 MINI Cooper Hardtop in Greenville
$137.99 a month (for 36 months)
Amount financed: $14,300
Estimated price: $21,800 USD
Estimated trade-in Value of $5000 USD
Dealer accessories: $0
Financing option: Lease
Down Payment: $2500
Term: 60 Months

Example #3 for South Carolina: 

Traditional Finance 
2017 MINI Cooper Hardtop in Greenville
$243.83 a month (for 60 months)
Amount financed: $14,300
Estimated price: $21,800 USD
Estimated trade-in Value of $5000 USD
Dealer accessories: $0
Financing option: Lease
Down Payment: $2500
Term: 60 Months
The payments calculated above are based on rates, terms, or other variables (such as credit rating) that you have selected, on the price for the vehicle you have selected, and on current programs available through MINI Financial Services. All figures presented are estimates only. Actual selling price may vary. These estimates are not advertisements or solicitations for specific price or credit terms. This is not an offer of direct financing or of any particular lease or purchase transaction. Please see your MINI Dealer for details.
If your estimate is based on a vehicle chosen through the MINI Financial Services Payment Estimator this MSRP is a base price with no options added.
If your estimate is based on a vehicle configured in the 'Build Your Own' section of, the MSRP will reflect the options you selected. The amount financed includes any MINI dealer installed accessories. Accessories are not added to the residual value of the vehicle at the end of a Lease, Owner's Choice or MINI Select financing arrangement.
Monthly payments and other requirements may vary based upon model, state and creditworthiness. Contact your MINI Dealer to determine your actual monthly payment.

Financing disclosures
Annual percentage rates for traditional financing are rates that you input and may not be available from MINI Financial Services. Annual percentage rates for MINI Select or Owners Choice are based on an average credit rating assessment. Actual rates and credit terms may vary based upon model, state selected and creditworthiness. Not all customers will qualify for the lowest rates.

Leasing disclosures
For purposes of estimating your monthly payment, the vehicle price, less any down payment or trade was used as the net capital cost of the vehicle. A security deposit is required on lease transactions and an extra charge may be imposed at the end of the lease term. Not all terms and leasing options are available in all areas. Lease rates are based on the creditworthiness of the customer. Not all customers will qualify for the lowest rates.